Here you can find an overview of academic outputs of the project.

Light and vision

The high middle ages saw many advances in the emerging sciences of optics, perspective, and vision. Grosseteste was especially influential here, drawing on a variety of influences from Islamic and Classical thought.

Here you can find Joshua et al.‘s paper on Grosseteste’s theory of rainbow formation, published fully open access in Applied Optics.

Sound and speech

The medieval period was an exciting time for emerging mechanical understandings of physical phenomena – including sound. In particular, Grosseteste set out a mechincal-acoustic understanding of sound in his treatise De generatione sonorum [On the Generation of Sound]. The treatise also includes a sophisticated theory phonetics and speech perception – attempting to unite speech production, perception, and representation in writing through Aristotelian principle of mimesis – that art imitates nature.

Zoology and creation

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